Installing NMODE

This post explains how to download and install NMODE on macOS and Linux.

To install NMODE, you will need the following packages and tools:

  • boost
  • xerces-c
  • glog
  • gflags
  • cmake
  • ninja (optional)

macOS Sierra

  1. Assuming you use homebrew , install the required packages with the following command: brew install cmake ninja xerces-c boost glog gflags . Depending on your settings, this make take a while (boost takes some time to compile).
  2. Open the terminal and navigate to the directory in which you want to download the YARS source, e.g. cd ~/projects/
  3. Either download the source as zip from the NMODE Github Repository or download it using git git clone
  4. Create a build directory mkdir NMODE/build and navigate to it cd NMODE/build
  5. The standard compile configuration should be sufficient to start with, which is why a cmake .. should work well. In case you want to review or change some settings, I recommend to use cmake-ncurses ccmake .. . To use ninja instead of make, both commands must be cmake -G Ninja .. or ccmake -G Ninja .. .
  6. Compile with make or ninja .

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